WordPress Blogging in 2021- Everything You Need to Know

You know it’s coming. Web publishing is taking another leap forward, and blogging is an important part of the evolution in blogging.

The term ‘blogging’ was popularised in 1997 when people started to blog about their experiences on the internet. At the time they had no name for it, just a few links which stood for a website. Since then, blogging platforms have evolved and now, there are more than 20 platforms available to publish blogs.

This makes things easier for bloggers to find other blogs and bloggers to promote, and even make some money from blogging.

What are the top blogging platforms?

Google has the most number of platforms, and they have become the standard for blogging, but the 3 most popular blogging platforms, they are all online. So, if you are trying to find ‘other’ bloggers, try the 3 platforms that Google likes (for the purpose of finding bloggers):? for their online business.

The most common reason to use such a free blogging platform is that it is easy to write content and add a page to a website. There are plenty of ways to get started with blogging for free. You just need to upload the contents of your WordPress blog, fill in some basic information, and publish. It’s that easy, it even includes automatic pinging for new updates. You can also publish a new blog in your offline website.

Why is WordPress chosen?

* You can upload themes by yourself.
* If you like WordPress, you can customize it so that it fits your website and your personality.
* You can choose from thousands of free WordPress plug-ins (added functionality plugins) and customize your website and your blog by means of these plugins.
* You can also host a fully functioning WordPress blog on their own domain.
* You can host a self hosted blog with your own domain.

What happens in case of any technical problems with blogging?

* You can access your site via the blog URL. This will give you some comfort, but don’t forget that your visitors are still able to view your site via the usual url.
* If you want to publish posts, you can do it at will without any restrictions.
* If you want to publish an unlimited number of posts, you can do this too.
* You can publish all the contents of your WordPress blog and all the pages via RSS with your own RSS feed.
* In case you are using WordPress, you will get another unique content via the widgets accessible via the admin panel.
* Any posts that you publish will be published immediately.
* If you publish a post, it will be immediately visible.
* Any comments are also published immediately.

If you are ready with the above answers, it is high time to select a blogging platform. You can also see some of the top blogging platforms here and you may find that WordPress is the best solution for your blogging needs. Happy Blogging!

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