How to Make Product Review Videos On YouTube

You can sell affiliate products using youtube by uploading product review videos showing the features and benefits of the product that you just sold.

If you don’t know how to make product review videos then don’t worry as there are a number of people who will be able to give you expert advice on the subject.

To make a product review video you need 2 key items :

1. A product which you want to sell as an affiliate

2. An account with the ability to put the videos on youtube

As you can see using youtube is pretty easy and you don’t need to be at home to make the video. You can do it wherever you are in the world at the moment.

So, now that you’ve identified the 2 items above you’ll need to sign up with an account with the ability to put the videos on youtube.

Once you’ve signed up with the account which has the capabilities to put the videos on youtube, you’ll need to upload your product review video onto the account.

Once you’ve uploaded your video, you’ll need to identify the 2 items above and you’ll need to plan your product review video. You need know :

1. What you want to bring to the video

2. How you want to introduce the product

Once you’ve decided on the 2 items above, you’ll need to plan your product review video including :

* What time of day you want to make your video.

* What topics you want to include.

* How you plan to introduce the product.

It’s pretty simple to make a video using youtube, but it’s very important to do properly because you’re selling someone else’s product and if you do it properly you’ll be able to promote your product better than if you didn’t do it properly.

* How you introduce the product. You need to bring to the video a unique feature of the product you’re promoting which nobody else has and so you will get people to buy from you.

* How you bring the product to the video. You need to use the product in the video to show the people the features of the product. You don’t want to use the product in a way that shows the people the flaws of the product.

* How you describe the benefits of the product. This is very important because in your video you need to bring to the video as much benefits of the product as possible. This benefits should outweigh the features. For example, if the product has 10 benefits, you don’t want to only show the 2 most important benefits. You should also show more benefits than the 2 most important benefits.

Now you should know how to make a product review video. However, there are some important things to remember :

* Before you make a video make sure you have a good mic, a webcam, and a good internet connection. If you can’t record it might takes more time.

* Keep the video length, 20-30 seconds is better.

* If you make a video, keep it short, less than 1:30 is better.

Hope this helps on how to make a video.

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