Affiliate Marketing – Can I Do It Legitimately?

What is affiliate marketing? It is a type of Internet marketing that rewards associates for referring buyers to companies. The associate will make a commission from the company, also known as the partner. This is done by sending clients directly to the company’s website and tracking all the visitors and clients through a special link that the associate shares. The associate has two options at hand. They can continue sending clients to the company’s website and earn income or they can build a database of clients. Many associates do the second, but the companies, for obvious reasons, prefer the method, as they can.

For example, I can become an affiliate marketer by referring 100 clients to a company and earn $100. The more clients I refer, the more income I earn. The companies know this and build a database of clients, so if something happens to me, I will be able to track my clients through the associate link and find out what has happened. Many companies provide their associates this database that they can use. It is like having a directory of clients, it is like having a mailing list of the customers, it is more professional and effective because you are telling your clients, here are all the things that are happening. You earn more money, I gain through you guys.

The beauty of it is the associate has a list of customers that are interested in the things that I do. So all I have to do is promote the products, and the associates, through the database of customers, earns money. This is great! You can be an affiliate marketer for a brand or product, the possibilities are endless.

Affiliate marketing can be done in your spare time and it can also be built into your income streams. This is great for busy people who don’t have time to do all their own internet marketing on their own. Affiliate marketing makes a lot of sense for a busy professional who has the time to do it, the drive to do it and knows how to do it.

For those people, affiliate marketing is a great way to begin making money online, because they can get into the swing of it and work their way up to building a business. It takes work, but it is possible.

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